As the oilMD, I share the benefits of aromatherapy, here on my website, compliantly, poetically so to speak.

Know that there are very definite clinical and medical applications of essential oils.

Promoting Wellness Through Nature.

Ancient Oil of Myrrh

You can pursue wellness using essential oils as a powerful model of integrative health in your home. These essential oils are globally sourced from artisan farmers with ethical business practices. The essential oils undergo much specialized analysis, that is a new standard of care. Certified pure and tested grade essential oils. CPTG.

The doTERRA special delivery system of prediluted 10ml roller balls is uniquely suited to easily deliver results. Get the 5ml or 15ml bottles and DIY to your heart’s content.

Pursue this guiding principle of health and wellness, the power of synergy. Aromatherapies utilizing these pure and potent blended essential oils products from doTERRA consistently deliver increased benefits when used for your personal health and hygiene.

Women have an intuitive ability to create and pursue a family environment that promotes health and wellness. Essential oils offer preventative, dynamically responsive avenues to supply all the good that you and your family needs and deserves to live an abundantly healthy life.

aromatherapy for men

Your man needs aromatherapy. He just may not know it yet! Core practices that promote energy, performance and productivity can be enjoyed when essential oils are used to support the body to handle stress and distress. Improve responsiveness and return of function post work and work outs with essential oils.


Your kids matter. These specifically designed, child safe and effective aromatherapy with essential oils products by doTERRA, activate the healthy protective mechanisms of the entire body. Energy and stability of moods are key components of health and wellness. Plus, it is fun to develop the skills of how to use essential oils for themselves. Learning the chemistry of essential oils is an educational benefit as well.

Your health matters. DoTERRA’s approach to micro and marco nutrient supplementation is scientific and aromatic. Use these guaranteed, money back products that deliver increased bioavailability of nutrients for improved energy and vitality. doTERRA research provides the science.


Aromatherapy Diffusers

Diffuse Humidifier

The inhalation of vapors of the essential oils from plants is healing. Diffusion of the aromatherapy molecules in water vapor into your environment promotes a healthy immune system and a mentally sound mood. Consider that both massage with essential oils and sublingual ingestion of essential oils also involve this inhalation and respiration  technique of diffusion.

Diffuse the essential oils from the trees in your space as a form of “forest bathing” to give your immune system a boost.

The big DAWN AROMA combination diffuser/humidifier shown on the right is my favorite by far.

Sweet Smell of Success hardcover

Books by Dr. James L. Geiger M.D.

The aromatic sciences of aromatherapy with essential oils document the powerful integrative health benefits for all peoples of all ages. As a board certified MD and clinically certified aromatherapy consultant, I teach medical and scientific research and the clinical applications of essential oils.

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