Your body needs help responding to the many stresses of each day.

Lifestyle matters and choosing the doTERRA lifestyle adds vitality.

Deep Blue products are formulated with natural earth elements, botanicals and the essential oils distilled from them. Synergy is a guiding principle that enhances the potency of blending herbs,mints,trees and florals.

Polyphenols in capsules

It is vital to supplement with polyphenols.


Deep Blue Polyphenols

by James Geiger MD 

As an anesthesiologist I quickly learned to love both the art and science of the field of aromatherapy. Then I saw the beauty of the medical sciences and aromatic sciences  applications of essential oils. Learning the plant sciences of the Deep Blue product line is an exciting adventure.

It is fascinating how science show how plants work with human anatomy, physiology and chemistry, intimately intertwining. The sciences relating to the Deep Blue formulated line of products in the 21st Century laboratories producing clinically researched references is significant.

Herbs, spices and fruit are good for the organ systems of the body. They contain many active healthy ingredients if you are thinking like a cook or chemical constituents if you are thinking as an aromatherapist.  But not all of the chemicals in plants can be converted in essentials oils during the steam distillation process. The process of distillation of oils from various parts of plants yields only the essential oils that can be derived using pressure, temperature and steam. 

Supplementation with herbs, fruits spices and aid ageing, specifically turmeric  aka curcumin (1)  and the ECCG molecule of green tea (2) have notable positive health benefits. Boswellic acid also has notable anti-inflammatory properties yet boswellic acid is not a distillation product to be found in the frankincense essential oil. Boswellic acid is present in the whole spice. 

DoTERRA’s CPTG certification process yields Deep Blue products that are a uniquely qualified formulation of supplementation to meet certain therapeutic needs. 

Two Deep Blue polyphenols capsules per day provide 250mg Turmeric / curcumin and Boswellic acid at 100mg. 

The plant chemistry in Deep Blue Polyphenols act in tandem with Deep Blue Essential oils to interact with numerous chemical pathways and a wide variety of specialized receptors in the body. 

The chemical constituents of both the distilled oils and dried spices and fruits like pomegranate (1) acts to stimulate immune function, decrease the inflammatory chemical cascade, stimulate chondrocytes in cartilage and bone even potentiating muscle regeneration after acute injury.

These oils have many phytomolecular chemical components per drop. There are definite caveats as to which essential oils are better supplements in the therapeutic management of conditions. Essential oil have positive phytomolecular chemical effects on multiple organ systems. 

The integration of both allopathic and various integrative health modalities, such as supplementation with natural products can achieve superior results.

I have applied this concept in my clinical anesthesia practice using both ginger, zingiber officinale and lavender angustafolia lavender oil and both have been shown to relax skeletal musculature and to prevent nausea and anxiety. 

The application of ginger oil drops to the palms in conjunction with intravenous medications prevents postoperative nausea.

For instance, the alcohol molecules of the essential oil of ginger root are excellent at relieving abdominal discomforts and nausea. Chemical components found in oil of ginger and powdered turmeric, curcumin, and ginger root (4) exert a naturally systemic balancing effect on anti-inflammatory activity. Ginger (6) and peppermint are present in Tummy Tamer extract blend of Deep Blue Polyphenols when used as directed.

There are definite caveats as to which essential oils are better remedies therapeutically than others in the management of certain conditions and ailments. 

In February I was rear-ended again. Sad to say that makes three times in this decade. Since that time I have used a lot of Deep Blue Rub. This is why. It works and works very well when used as directed to help my whole body feel better. 

The logic I find useful to explain this is that the whole plant material, both essential oils and dried spices, work best together to decrease overall symptoms that I sustained in my car accident. 

Deep Blue starts working on contact, penetrating the skin and deeper tissues as well as activating deeper sensory and chemical receptor elements of the brain.

For me this has meant applying the lotion several times daily on neck, back, knees, ankle, elbow, wrists and the base of thumbs. 

When using repeated topical applications plus smelling the vapors on your hands for the ongoing inhalation benefits of the menthols. 

I have found there to be significant benefits to using the Deep Blue polyphenol capsules according to directions on the bottle in conjunction with the essential oils and other integrative modalities of care to get me back on the road to full recovery and full time work. So this is my wellness advocate consult for myself. 

My own Protocol 

  • Follow the wellness pyramid, eat well, take the Life Long Vitality Pack. Take Deep Blue Polyphenols in capsules as directed. 
  • It is also important to allocate time to use integrative health methods such as using alternating cool packs on muscle sites. 
  • Chiropractic and stretching yoga style daily to improve flexibility as it lessens the intensity of the muscle spasms. 
  • Really focus on the Deep Blue Polyphenols with Deep Blue Rub that I used with ultrasonic muscle treatments to good effect.

Receptor Chemistry Applications 

The ideal aromatherapy scents instigate multitudes of measurable physiological and psychological responses. 

Essential oils are known to work within the central nervous system (CNS) to stimulate or relax, balancing it, via the components of the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). 

Receptor chemistry is a challenging field of study, because every system has system-specific receptor sites serving as information conversion stations. The processing of muscular receptors are mediated by acetylcholine is positively impacted by scent and various dried spices.

These secondary chemical impressions are propagated as a vapor from an oil of a plant. They arrive into the nose and traverse the cribiform plate, converted from a vapor chemical scent into a neurological chemical transmitting informational data.

The thalamus, which sits in the midst of the brain’s limbic system, receives and sends scent-derived neurotransmitter-oriented messages that are initiated by essential oils. 

This phytomolecular information rushes into the brain along a series of neuronal pathways, perhaps evoking a memory or releasing peptides into the bloodstream from the hypothalamus. The newly released peptides influence the reticular formation of the midbrain, which is the “going shopping for doTERRA Deep Blue Products” part of the human brain.