Spice Essential Oils

So many reasons for “seasoning” your healthcare with essential oils from spices.

Bottle of black pepper essential oil

Self efficacy is taking care of yourself.

Pink Pepper relieves discomforts.

Basil Essential Oil 15 ml bottle
Thyme essential oil

Spice up your life with the benefits of thyme essential oil.

Ginger essential oil and ginger cookies

Self efficacy is taking care of yourself!

Ginger essential oil for all forms of nausea.

TURMERIC POWDER and Bottle of essential oil

Turmeric essential oil muscle benefits. Nice feeling so mobile.

This product can be taken internally for metabolic benefits.

Make turmeric tea.

Clove essential oil 15 ml bottle

Very special chemistry.

Phenols predominate and for great benefits.

Polyphenols are rich in anti-oxidants!

Massive O.R.A.C. values.

Oxygen radical absorbance capacity.

Celery Seed Oil

Celery seed essential oil relaxes the muscles of the esophagus.
Inhalation topical and ingestion of drops of the essential oil work for me.

Spicy blends of essential oils

Both of these fine blends of essential oils have spice oils.

Slim and Sassy has cinnamon and DigestZen has cardamom.