Healing Touch

Pick and choose your own Touch Kit

Rollons with Prediluted Essential Oil

Prediluted rollon oils

The touch kit is so safe easy and complete.

Promotes a healthy cellular response to inflammation and everything else because we have an oil for that too.

Rose essential oil 10ml prediluted

Get relief from uncomfortable emotional conflicts with Rose essential oil.

Doterra Breathe touch rollon bottle 10ml

Self efficacy is taking care of yourself.

A touch of Breathe Touch Blend relieves the discomfort of breathing.

Deep Blue in rollon 10ml bottle

Topical applications with DEEP BLUE prediluted oils great big benefits.

Make discomfort go away by touching it with advanced 5ml Deep Blue essential oils blend.

Lavender rollon oils

Lavender does so much I hardly know where to begin and still be compliant.

Touch yourself with essential oil of lavender and relax.

Magnolia essential oil rollon

Make floral scents your trademark.

Touch yourself with essential oil of magnolia.

Peace essential oils

A rollon touch of peace may be all it takes to bring it pass.


Sacred and healing, all in the same plant, frankincense.

Frankincense essential oil rollon doterra