Essential Oils from Trees

Essential oil of Siberian Fir Trees

Promotes a healthy cellular response to your natural immunity.

Have you heard of “forest bathing?”

Documented boosting of natural killer cell production.

Walking in the woods has special health benefits that are long lasting.

When I cannot go walking in the forest I diffuse essential oils in my home and office.

Siberian fir smells so refreshing.

There are now known positive immune boosting effects gained from being in a forest. The trees themselves release a class of chemical constituents referred to as PHYTONCIDES.

This chemical class has been shown to increase natural killer NK cells in humans for days even weeks after exposure in the wild. NK cell activities include killing tumor cells and virus infected cells through the release of perforin and granzymes via granulated exocytosis pathways.
There are significant effects on the autonomic system such as lowering blood pressure suggesting the inhalation of certain forest phytoncides could be regulators of sympathetic nervous dysfunction.
Inhalation of hinoki essential oil stimulated a pleasant mood status. The essential oil of hinoki contains alpha and beta pinene that are found in forest air. These chemical constituents are also present in the distilled form of hinoki essential oil, as well as various forms of cadinene, limonene and alpha terpineol.
Chen, C.J., Kumar, K.S., Chen, Y.T., Tsao, N.W., Chien, S.C., Chang, S.T., Chu, F.H. and Wang, S.Y., 2015. Effect of Hinoki and Meniki essential oils on human autonomic nervous system activity and mood states. Natural product communications, 10(7), p.1934578X1501000742. Li, Q., 2010. Effect of forest bathing trips on human immune function. Environmental health and preventive medicine, 15(1), pp.9-17. Li, Q., Nakadai, A., Matsushima, H., Miyazaki, Y., Krensky, A.M., Kawada, T. and Morimoto, K., 2006. Phytoncides (wood essential oils) induce human natural killer cell activity. Immunopharmacology and immunotoxicology, 28(2), pp.319-333. Putra, R.R., Veridianti, D.D., Nathalia, E., Brilliant, D., Rosellinny, G., Suarez, C.G. and Sumarpo, A., 2018. Immunostimulant Effect from Phytoncide of Forest Bathing to Prevent the Development of Cancer. Advanced Science Letters, 24(9), pp.6653-6659.
Copaiba essential oil aromatic science
Copaiba essential oil in gel caps

Copaiba essential oil soft gels have numerous health benefits.

Links to several 2020 publications defining copaiba essential oils.

  1. Special receptors
  2. Special fast acting
Cedarwood essential oil bottles 15ml on a tree stump

Cedarwood essential oil has so many health benefits.

Forest bathing at home to enhance your immune system.

Subdue environmental threats. 

Cedarwood essential oil 15ml

Get relief from discomfort with cedarwood essential oil.

Frankincense Essential Oil

I so enjoy the scent and the positive emotional and physical benefits of essential oil of frankincense.

Frankincense bottle and pine cones
Cinnamon Bark essential oil bottle 5ml

This product can be taken internally for metabolic benefits of cinnamon essential oil.

Ancient Oil of Myrrh

Myrrh essential oil is rich in cinnamon aldehyde.

Potent health benefits.

Arborvitae is known as the “long life tree” and that makes all the difference.

Arborvitae essential oil.

This product can be taken internally for metabolic benefits of arbor vitae essential oil.

Breathe 15ml bottle

Self efficacy is taking care of yourself.

Breathe essential oils blend relieves uncomfortable breathing.

Breathe blend contains essential oils from the leaves of trees…….eucalyptus, laurel, ravensara and ravintsara.

Manly soap and lotion.

This product can change men’s skin with Amavi blend of essential oils.

Hawaiian sandalwood essential oil.

Sandalwood can change your skin with sandalwood essential oil.

Sandalwood essential oil from Hawaii